Curriculum Statement

History at FBS is designed to instil in our students a curiosity about the past and an understanding of the narrative of British, European and world history between AD 1000 and 2000. Students will consider the following questions throughout the curriculum:

  • How were people in the past ruled?
  • How did people in the past live?
  • What did people in the past believe?
  • How do we know about the past?


Each unit will be grounded in historical scholarship to ensure that students also develop an understanding of history as a discipline and its importance in society. Diversity is at the heart of our curriculum and students will not only develop key historical skills, such as source analysis and crafting arguments, but also begin to weigh up the impact of history and consider their personal choices, attitudes and values. Literacy and oracy are fundamental elements of our curriculum and students will develop these essential life-skills at every opportunity.

Please email Ms Herlihy at j.herlihy@friern.barnet.sch.uk if you have any questions regarding History.

Mr B Lee Head of Faculty, Humanities
Ms J Herlihy Head of History
Miss H Kane History Teacher / Head of Year 9