Curriculum Intent

From the outset the Business course encourages students to be proactive in understanding the world we live in by taking an investigative approach towards current business affairs and applying theory to situations, thereby imitating and learning the role of a business analyst. Updated, real world examples and case-studies are used throughout the course to ensure it is continually relevant to the dynamic world of business. 

Business GCSE Aims: 

  • Stimulate curiosity and interest of current business affairs
  • Enable students to acquire the language, understanding and knowledge of business concepts.
  • Encourage students to take on a business analyst role
  • Allow students to think about the wider world and the impacts that technological advances, the environment and the economy has on businesses.
  • Grant students the numerical skills to solve business problems

Key Stage 4 outline:

Students may choose Business as an option in Year 9 (commencing in year 10), wherein they will complete the Edexcel qualification at the end of year 11.

Please email Ms N Laxmidas, Business Teacher at if you have any questions regarding Business.

Mr B Lee Head of Faculty, Humanities
Ms N Laxmidas Head of Business