Media Studies

Learning Overview for Media Studies

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Year 10 Overview

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Media Curriculum Intent

The media play a central role in contemporary society and culture, shaping our perceptions of the world through viewpoints, representations, and the messages they share.

Media Studies challenges students to look at the media in a critical way, examining how the modern media industry works, analysing and decoding media texts and considering how meaning is made for us.

The curriculum covers a range of media texts in all styles and forms, both contemporary and historical. There are frequent opportunities to link the work with aspects of English language, history, politics, psychology, and sociology, meaning we engage in a rich and deep curriculum which explores numerous boundaries and interpretations.

The media curriculum includes a deliberate focus on broadening students’ media technical language, as well as their consideration of representation, as students are actively encouraged to experiment with the application and use of technical and theoretical terminology throughout their studies.