Film and Media Studies

Film and Media Studies is a popular and successful area of teaching and learning at Friern Barnet School. The two subjects set strong foundations for understanding how any visual or mixed media message is produced, communicated and received - looking beyond surface impressions and towards the values being promoted.

Students are encouraged to work with a wide range of technology, including Photoshop, iMovie and Premiere Elements 15. Examples of curricular and extra curricular work can be found on the departments YouTube channel and Website.

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In addition to GCSE Film Studies and Media Studies, the department offers lots of extra curricular opportunities, including Year 7 Film Club, Media Team and the annual Film Festival. We also regularly enter competitions and have watched our films at local cinemas.

Please email Ms Arrowsmith at if you have any questions regarding Media or Film Studies.

Miss G Admoni Head of Faculty, English
Ms J Arrowsmith Media and Film Studies Teacher
Mr J Robinson Media Studies Teacher, Assistant Head Teacher