Computer Science

Curriculum Statement

It is our vision that all students should be equipped with the skills needed to fill the digital skills gap.

We want to empower our students with the necessary study skills and metacognitive strategies at Key Stage 3 to prepare them for a Key Stage 4 GCSE Computer Science course. We also want to teach our Key Stage 3 students the dangers of using online facilities without taking precautions. This means discussing ongoing e-safety issues and how to secure your accounts online with the relevant means.

During Key Stage 3 Friern Barnet school students will:  

  • Develop online safety skills and learn about cyber crime
  • Be introduced to the core hardware of computing devices
  • Learn how computers represent data in the form of binary
  • Discover how high-speed networks have changed the technology landscape
  • Learn how to think computationally and understand the idea of algorithmic thinking
  • Create flow charts for automatic systems using modelling software
  • Use programming languages like Scratch and Python to begin to develop code
  • Understand how computers have affected and changed our world, ethically, environmentally and in terms of privacy

Above all our students will be taught to respect staff and other members of the class and ensure we have a positive, safe learning environment. All students will be given the opportunity to achieve.

Please email Mr A Egemensoy at if you have any questions regarding Computer Science.  

Ms Z Rexha Head of Computing ( Maternity Leave)
Mr A Egemensoy Computer Science Teacher
Mr R Malungu Computer Science Teacher