Visual Arts

Curriculum Statement

Personal Expression: 

  • Cultivate art as a tool for personal expression, allowing students to communicate their unique perspectives and emotions.
  • Encourage self-discovery through creative exploration, fostering a strong sense of identity.
  • Instil a love for the arts by making the creative process enjoyable and personally meaningful.
  • Develop confidence in artistic expression, empowering students to share their creative voice with assurance. 

Artist studies: 

  • Introduce students to diverse range of artists, embracing global traditions and cultural expressions.
  • Explore and respect various cultural perspectives, fostering an inclusive understanding of art.
  • Equip students to analyse and critique artworks with sensitivity.
  • Encourage a connection with artists through the development of personal ideas. 

Critical Thinking: 

  • Create an inclusive environment valuing diverse viewpoints in art discussions.
  • Develop critical thinking skills that consider social and cultural contexts influencing artistic expression. 

Versatile Skills: 

  • Offer a comprehensive range of art disciplines, accommodating diverse forms of expression.
  • Develop skills in various mediums, empowering students to effectively communicate personal narratives.
  • Cultivate problem-solving skills through artistic challenges, fostering adaptability and resilience. 

Through these principles, our Art and Design curriculum aims to not only equip students with artistic skills but also to foster a love for the arts, build confidence in creative expression, and develop problem-solving skills. This approach contributes to a community of diverse, self-aware individuals who find joy, fulfilment, and resilience in their artistic pursuits. 

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