Film Studies

Learning Overview for Film Studies

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Film Curriculum Intent

Throughout Key Stage 4, the Film Studies curriculum aims to develop pupils’ understanding of how they approach film and challenges them to consider or question their perspective a range of issues prevalent in today’s society. Studying Film permits pupils to understand important topics and developments within history, society and culture, using film as the medium with which to gain a greater insight into these areas. Underpinning this, pupils study the key elements of film form, including cinematography, mise en scene, editing and sound.

Pupils study films from the 1950s to the present day and are encouraged to consider the contexts of the curriculum films - what was happening when the film was made? What can the film tell us about history, culture and society at that current time?

The course also incorporates a creative production element where pupils will have an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learnt by making a short film or writing a screenplay.