Aims & Vision

Our vision is to develop confident and successful learners who are also engaged and responsible citizens. We aspire to ‘develop the whole child’.

Our aims:

We want students at Friern Barnet School who...

  • enjoy school; students who are happy and healthy, physically and emotionally
  • excel in their learning, seeing learning as a worthwhile and life-long process
  • are curious, willing to learn and question what is around them
  • respect themselves and others, appreciating the diversity of our multicultural community and being able to be compassionate, considerate and kind
  • learn to live their lives which are personally and socially fulfilling, developing a love for art, music, dance, theatre, sport and culture which will enrich their lives

This is being achieved through our commitment to...

  • equity in education with high quality teaching for all
  • a calm, safe and ordered environment with equal access to learning for all irrespective of students’ background, gender, religion or race
  • a broad and balanced curriculum that develops skills, knowledge and understanding
  • provide high quality creative opportunities that enable students to thrive
  • encouraging students to be independent and responsible for their own actions
  • creating opportunities to develop friendships
  • positive working relationships and good communication with parents and carers
  • nurturing constructive relationships to ensure students can make a positive contribution to school and the wider community
  • inclusion of children with special educational needs in mainstream schooling