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Visual Arts

Curriculum information is in the process of being updated - if you need any information please email the Head of Department.

In Art, we aim to provide a safe and stimulating environment which encourages creativity, visual understanding and enjoyment of the Visual Arts. We focus on the following areas of development in our students

Developing Skills – We promote a high level of skill in making artworks using a range of techniques and materials

Being Creative Risk Takers – We encourage them to develop the ability to experiment, take risks and make mistakes with confidence.

Extending Knowledge - We are committed to encouraging the understanding of a range of approaches to Art, both contemporary and historical, and how different cultures express themselves visually.

Understanding - We also want our students to use their Artwork as a means of communicating their thoughts and feelings, and responding to their visual environment.

Literacy Skills are developed in all years through critical studies of the work of artists, designers and craftspeople as well as through on-going self reflection and evaluations. Pupils are encouraged to reflect and analyse through written and verbal forms. This is the only subject where students are asked to express their own thoughts and opinion during critical work and this forms an important part of their personal and professional development journey.

Home Learning is used to develop independent research and practical skills. At Key Stage 3 pupils are asked to keep and develop an art journal where they can document their own personal artistic interests and pursuits. They may also be given research projects and practical tasks that students receive a number of weeks to complete. At KS4, homework supports their coursework activities; homework is on-going coursework and is a vital element of the course.

Workshops and trips for all year groups are also organised to enhance pupil experience. FBS also takes part in the annual Big Draw event.

There are two Art classrooms. We also have a small computer suite where students can carry out research and experiment with digital manipulation of their images.


Please email Miss Asciak on if you have any enquires regarding Visual Arts.