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Key Stage 4

Year 10 Overview
Year 11 Overview

In Years 10 and 11 we follow the OCR course in GCSE Drama. Assessment is a combination of Practical work (50%) and theoretical understanding (50%)

In Year 10 students take part in a practical performance with a supporting written portfolio which are both assessed by the teachers and moderated by OCR. This assessment (Devising drama) contributes to their final GCSE grade. Throughout Year 10, drama students will start to explore the written exam elements by studying their set text and by attending theatre trips and evaluating the shows seen as part of their mock exam.

In Year 11 students explore the set text for their written exam practically and perform a small showcase of this to an invited audience. The majority of Year 11 is spent preparing for a practical performance to a visiting examiner, as well as developing their written skills in preparation for their final exam. Year 11 will attend a final theatre trip which they will use for their final exam alongside their knowledge of their set text.

Practical Element Year 10: 

Devising drama performance and a portfolio of work

Practical Element Year 11:

Performance and response- DNA by Dennis Kelly (performance and written coursework

Written Exam:

Presenting and performing texts- Missing Dan Nolan by Mark Wheeller (performance exploration and exam) and a Live theatre analysis of a professional play.

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