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Curriculum information is in the process of being updated - if you need any information please email the Head of Department.

The Dance Department strives to deliver a vibrant and interesting Dance curriculum that caters for all genders and abilities.

Key Stage 3

Students are given the opportunity to learn and explore a range of dance styles in order to expand their understanding of dance as a creative subject. Students will have the chance to develop creative thinking, performance and choreographic skills throughout the course. Lessons are highly practical, allowing pupils to experience first-hand a broad range of dance skills, whilst also supporting health and well-being in a positive learning environment.

Key Stage 4

GCSE Dance helps students develop technical and expressive skills as well as knowledge and understanding of dance through performance, choreography and critical appreciation of professional dance. The new GCSE Dance specification enables students to:

  1. increase their confidence and self-esteem
  2. employ the skills of problem solving and creativity
  3. make knowledgeable decisions about dances.
  4. learn and perform a range of dances in a range of styles
  5. improve health and fitness through technical study and performance
  6. understand the choices made by professional choreographers when creating work
  7. visit theatres to watch live professional dance


Please email Miss Fisher on if you have any enquires regarding Dance.

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