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Student Voice

Students are given the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of school life: running the school (Student Parliament), keeping student’s safe (Anti-Bullying Ambassadors), teaching and learning (Student Learning Consultants, Maths Ambassadors, Sports and Dance Leaders) and digital roll outs and training (Digital Leaders). They also run their own digital magazine called Our Voice.

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The Student Parliament at Friern Barnet School are a very proactive group of students consisting of an elected group of form representatives who actively represent their peers, and members of each of the student voice groups. They meet regularly with each other and the Senior Leadership Team of the school to help run the school.

The Student Parliament have an executive group or Student Leadership Team who meet regularly to discuss, make and carry out plans. Full student parliament meetings occur every half term and discuss issues related to school life.

Students regularly take part in surveys and effectively link with faculties and year teams within the school.

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