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Contacting Members of Staff

Please click on the link below to view guidance for parents on how to contact members of staff.

 Guidance on how to contact members of staff

Contact Information

Head Teacher's P.A:

Mrs M Casling-Brown

 Head of Years:

Year 7


Miss C Morgan

Year 8


Mr L Demacque   

Year 9


Mrs C Bernard

Year 10


Mrs S Sacramento 

Year 11


Miss S Thomas 

 Pastoral Support Managers:

Year 7             


Ms P Valavanis   

Years 8 and 9


Ms T John

Years 10 and 11


Mr D McMullen

Useful Contacts:



Mrs L Bunn




Mrs D Myer

Exams Officer:


Mrs De Lucia




Mr C Robinson



Mr C McCarthy

Student Services:


Ms M Eldrett

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