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Curriculum information is in the process of being updated - if you need any information please email the Head of Faculty.


The Science Faculty currently comprises of one part-time and seven full time members of staff. We are a strong team and are all committed to raising standards in Science for all learners. We are very proud of our results but always strive to improve.

We have tracking systems which allow us to identify students who are underachieving at an early stage and we share class progress information freely within our faculty. We are a very supportive team who meet regularly to share Teaching and Learning ideas and classroom management strategies.


The faculty is situated in a suite of 5 laboratories adjacent to one another on the lower floor of the school, all of which have been recently refurbished. All rooms have the latest interactive whiteboards.

The Curriculum

At present, Years 7 and 8 are taught in mixed ability form groups and Years 9, 10 and 11 are in ability sets. We feel this balance ensures the best standard of Teaching and Learning and opportunity for all of our students. The GCSE Course is a three year course. Our Key Stage 3 curriculum has just undergone a significant review and the faculty worked together to look at how we could completely update the scheme of learning in line with new assessment requirements, a new national curriculum and a desire to motivate and enthuse our students. The scheme makes maximum use of practical activities.

Please email Mrs Rahim-Miah on if you have any enquires regarding Science.




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