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Religious Studies

Curriculum information is in the process of being updated - if you need any information please email the Head of Department.

What is Religious Studies and why is it important?

Religion has and will always be with us. It has affected history having taken a place in all civilizations and cultures. Religion is all around us: on the
street, in music, on television... It is constantly in the press, locally, nationally and globally. Religious Studies allows students to study the effect
that religion has on people. The study also allows students to start to develop, evaluate and critique belief systems whilst developing.

Departmental Aims

The following aims are at the heart of all out teaching: to encourage students to enjoy learning about other’s religious beliefs, fostering an attitude of mutual respect and interest, to develop a critical attitude towards source material. We want to help students keep abreast with technological advances with opportunities to develop ICT skills. Emphasis is based upon individual research and learning to help develop students’ study skills. We want each student at the end of their education being able to engage in conversation with another human from any walk of life in a confident and knowledgeable manner.

At no time do we attempt to impose beliefs onto students, nor do we attempt to undermine any belief that a student may already hold. We do, however, stress the value of the diversity of belief, and we encourage our students to study faiths other than their own in a sympathetic and open-minded way.

Please email Mrs Pawlaczek on if you have any enquires regarding Religious Studies.

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