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Physical Education

Curriculum information is in the process of being updated - if you need any information please email the Head of Faculty.

At Friern Barnet School we aim to stimulate and challenge students of all ages and abilities by providing a wide and inclusive range of sporting activities.

All students in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 follow the National Curriculum in Physical Education, which aims to develop not only competence in a range of physical activities but to develop analytical, evaluation and communication skills, all essential across the curriculum.

Regularly participating in PE is also more commonly known to boost confidence and self esteem, encouraging teamwork, whilst at the same time providing opportunities for students to be creative, competitive and to face up to different challenges as individuals and in teams.

Our department aims are as follows:

  • To provide a broad and well balanced programme of physical education with opportunities to develop a good basic level of skill in a wide range of activities.
  • To encourage all pupils to develop a positive attitude towards sport and exercise.
  • To enable our young people to develop skills of leadership and create opportunities for them to become successful leaders in the community.

PE kit policy (for Key Stage 3 and 4)

  • Year 7 and 8 students are required to wear a black, Friern Barnet School, Physical Education polo shirt. If this shirt is lost, a plain, black t-shirt, will suffice.
  • All other year groups should wear the white Friern Barnet School shirt or a black Friern Barnet School shirt.
  • All students should wear plain black shorts or wear plain black tracksuit bottoms, if they prefer them to shorts. Girls can wear black sports leggings if they prefer.
  • All students can purchase a black, Friern Barnet school fleece if they wish to. This is not essential but is recommended for outdoor use, when the weather is cold.
  • All students should wear appropriate socks for PE. White sports socks for most lessons. Football socks should be worn for football and rugby lessons.
  • All students should wear a proper pair of trainers for PE lessons. Plimsolls are suitable for some activities but give little support and are not recommended. ‘Vans’ or similar footwear, or trainers/shoes that are worn as part of the normal school uniform, should not be worn for PE lessons.
  • It is highly recommended that boys wear football boots for football and rugby lessons, as these lessons take place outside, at Bethune Park.
  • When the weather gets very cold in the winter, students are allowed to wear clothing underneath their correct PE kit, such as long sleeve t-shirts, thermals, sweatshirts etc. Gloves and hats can be worn for football outside, if it is particularly cold.
  • If a student cannot participate in PE for any reason, a signed letter from a parent/carer must be shown to the member of staff, requesting that their son/daughter is excused from PE for that lesson, before the lesson commences. That student will still be expected to be involved in the lesson, either by assisting the teaching, leading others, coaching others or officiating in some way. They may also be asked to complete a non participants’ worksheet.
  • We do have some spare kit, which is regularly washed, available for students who forget an item of kit.
  • If a student cannot find their correct PE kit, they should bring in any appropriate sports kit to wear, with a note from their parent/carer, explaining why they do not have the correct kit for that lesson. We would much rather have a student participate, even if they are in the ‘wrong’ kit, than have them sitting on the side, watching the lesson.
  • Students should not bring valuable items into school or carry large amounts of cash. However, valuables are collected at the beginning of every PE lesson and locked away in the PE office. Changing rooms are locked for the duration of the lesson. They are returned at the end of the lesson. Students should put spare cash into a wallet or some kind of purse. Loose change will not be accepted as it is very easy to lose.
  • All items of PE clothing should be clearly labelled with the owner’s name ( as should all school uniform). It never ceases to amaze us how much PE kit ends up in lost property, because we do not know who it belongs to.


Barnet Partnership for School Sport

Please email Mr Arnull on if you have any enquires regarding Physical Education.


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