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Year 8 Dance

Year 8

Students continue studying a range of dance styles and further deepen their understanding of performance, choreography and appreciation.

What will they study:

Musicals - exploring the exaggeration of Musical Theatre. Using narrative and characters to create movement.

Matthew Bourne - exploring the work of this famous choreographer - Nutcracker. Students will look at the various sweets and how their characteristics are turned in to movement material.

Stimuli - exploring how different types of stimulus can be used to create movement. Students will look at how to develop motifs using more complex developments.

Physical Theatre - exploring the work of choreographer Jasmin Vardimon. Students will look at character and how movement and gesture can be used within a narrative.

Shadows - this unit focuses on a professional work, exploring messages and character.

World Dance - exploring dance from various countries. Students look at history and origins, movement styles and devices.

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