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Curriculum information is in the process of being updated - if you need any information please email the Head of Faculty.

Welcome to the mathematics section of the Friern Barnet School website. We, in the maths faculty, will work together to:

  • foster an enjoyment of mathematics
  • ensure all students leave with a sound grasp of basic numeracy for everyday use
  • maintain a respectful learning environment
  • create a positive culture, where active learning is encouraged and students embrace the value of learning from mistakes
  • ensure teaching is rooted in the development of all students' understanding of important mathematical concepts and methods
  • help students understand how to apply their mathematical knowledge and skills to real-life situations
  • ensure that all students make progress and leave the school achieving the best Mathematics qualification possible

Maths student leadership - maths ambassadors

Our maths ambassadors are:

  • a team of highly motivated, talented, caring group of mathematicians dedicated to improving the numeracy skills of students in our school and our feeder primary schools
  • someone that all the students know they can go and talk to if they have questions
  • genuinely interested in helping all students they interact with
  • are clique-breakers
  • get stuff done
  • grow on their own and develop the leadership of others


How do I help my child to be successful in maths

 Please email Mr Pisani on if you have any enquires regarding Mathematics.



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