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Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 we teach 3 hours a week to Year 10 and Year 11. We follow the AQA exam board.

The final exam is consists of two papers: The first will examine knowledge and historical interpretations about Opportunity and Equality in America 1920-1973 and then a wider world depth study in about Conflict and Tension between East and West 1945-1972.

Paper two examines knowledge and interpretations about health and the People: c1000 to the present day. This is an excellent thematic study which allows students to track progress of our health the impact of science and technology on that. The second part of paper 2 will examine students’ knowledge and interpretation of Elizabethan England c1568-1603. This element also contains an in depth study of a building from that period. Although this will change each year, as directed by the exam board, this year students will study The Globe Theatre. This makes up 10% of the final mark.

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