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The History department at Friern Barnet School centre our thoughts and preparations on the students' learning. We want everyone to aim high, to have opportunities for challenge, and to be determined to achieve the best possible results throughout the Key Stages. We want students to enjoy History and to develop essential skills, such as evaluation and interpretation, which can be used to advantage in later life. The History team has been successful in the past, is successful now and we intend to be even more successful in the future, working for the benefit of our students and their prospects.

At Friern Barnet School we endeavour to introduce students to what is involved in understanding and interpreting the past; to trigger their spirit of enquiry; to capture students’ attention and stimulate their imagination – to carry them off into the past, evoking interest and curiosity. We regard this as highly relevant learning as the past often informs the present and the future and the skills learned in evaluation, research, interpretation and many others have significance for the future learning of the students and their future employment.

Please email Miss Brett on if you have any enquires regarding History.


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