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Film Studies

Film is one of the major art forms of the 20th and 21st centuries and continues to be an important part of most peoples' cultural experience. GCSE Film Studies aims to develop our understanding of how film can reflect society and culture through analysis and study of film technique, genre, production and exhibition.

GCSE Film Studies is offered by the Awarding Body WJEC. The course is designed to build upon students’ current experience of film, both as consumer and creator, and encourages them to investigate and develop their knowledge and understanding of the relationship between the film industry and film audiences.

Students at Key Stage 4 have already had a vast amount of exposure to film both at home and in the classroom. The Film Studies GCSE course aims to stimulate students’ “cine literacy” and encourage them to become active viewers. The course is designed to allow students to begin by focusing on films that they have particularly enjoyed, or are familiar with, and then from that starting point they will be encouraged to broaden out their study into an exploration of the place film occupies in today’s global society, the communication of ideas, attitudes and cultural beliefs.


Unit 1: Externally Marked Written Examinations 50%

Paper 1: Exploring Film (1 hour 30 minutes) 30% of overall grade
Paper 2: Exploring Film outside Hollywood (1 hour) 20% of overall grade

Unit 2: Internally Marked and Externally Verified 50%

Exploring Film: A written exploration and analysis of a film of the candidates choosing (30 marks)
Film Production: A creative project developing an idea for a film (70 marks)

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