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Key Stage 4

Since September 2015 students have followed the new AQA specification in English Language and English Literature. This is 100% examination-assessed: students sit two papers for English Language and two for Literature. These are 'closed book' exams, which means students do not have access to the texts that they have studied during the course in the exam hall. Our current KS3 curriculum has been extensively redesigned to support students in preparing for this.


  • Reading responses to literary fiction; literary non-fiction and non-fiction
  • Writing - descriptive or narrative; writing to present a viewpoint


AQA English Language


Reading responses to a Shakespeare play; a 19th century novel; a modern prose or drama text; a series of contemporary and canonical poems; unseen poetry

AQA English Literature

The changes to the structure and content of the new English GCSEs means that it's vital that pupils be reading widely before they get to KS4. Pupils should have regular access to high quality contemporary and classic fiction, as well as a range of non-fiction texts such as newspapers, magazines, biographies and travel writing. Our KS3 curriculum focuses on precisely the reading and writing skills that they will be tested on in their terminal exams.

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