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Design and Technology

Curriculum information is in the process of being updated - if you need any information please email the Head of Faculty.

Welcome to the Design and Technology Department. We are very proud of our department. Our students are always really positive and quality learning takes place in an inspirational building. You can almost physically feel the positive climate for learning as you enter the building!

Design and Technology at Friern Barnet School is essentially about providing opportunities for students to develop their capability, through combining their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding in order to create quality products. Friern Barnet School places emphasis on ‘quality’ products as there is great benefit in students experiencing success and seeing and handling products that are well made. In addition Friern Barnet School sees the preparation of young people for citizenship in a technological society as a central activity within the subject.

Please email Miss Tiwari on if you have any enquires regarding Design and Technology.

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