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Key Stage 3

Curriculum Overview

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Year 7 Overview
Year 8 Overview
Year 9 Overview

GCSE skills:

  • Develop ideas in response to a researched artist’s work
  • Evaluate their own work and identify areas they need to improve on
  • Experiment with a range of materials and use them skilfully
  • Gather their own source materials and take ownership of their project work
  • Select and record relevant observations


By the end of year 9, students should be able to:

  • Have gained sufficient drawing and painting skills to enter KS4
  • Apply problem solving skills
  • Research and respond to artist work with confidence
  • Experience a wider range of materials
  • Continue to develop conceptual personal responses


By the end of year 8, students should be able to:

  • Apply a range of basic artistic skills and build upon these
  • Use some problem solving skills by means of 3D work
  • Apply increasing freedom of choice for artists to study
  • Select appropriate materials for their requirements
  • Use personal creativity as a means of self-expression


By the end of year 7, students should be able to:

Explore the formal elements of art- line, tone, colour, shape, form, texture
Understand the key elements of a formal introduction to artist work
Follow clear guidelines to write a research page
Create a presentation
Build a solid foundation of art skills to develop further
Understand an introduction to using materials

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