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Computer Science

Our vision is enable all students to have the opportunity to study and achieve in the exciting and life changing qualification of Computing. We want to empower students to be safe online so that they are aware of the dangers, know how to avoid them and what to do if a problem does arise. Creating productive members of society where their computing ability enables, rather than limits, them to fulfil their potential in this electronic age.

Key Stage 3

Students are introduced to the core hardware components. They learn how data is represented and are taught how to program using Python, which is an industry standard textual programming language. Students also learn how to stay safe online. Students are assessed every half term and all learning at Key Stage 3 is carefully planned to enable students to progress onto the Edexcel Computer Science qualification.

Key Stage 4

All students start their journey on the Computer Science EdExcel Specification. Students will build on the knowledge learned at KS3. Covering “Computer systems” then moving onto “Computational thinking, algorithms and programming”. Students will complete the controlled programming Python assessment in Year 1 which is submitted that year."

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