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Year 11

The Careers Year

Students learn about:

  1. Individual progress interviews at start of year to review Year 10 report and options
  2. Careers/Moving On in Tutor time
  3. CV's updated/files completed for interview
  4. Interview skills preparation
  5. Targeted groups of students participate in Oxford/Cambridge University visits
  6. Colleges/Sixth Form Fair
  7. Apprenticeship Speakers and Apprenticeships Fair
  8. Students carry out Taster College and University visits/Summer Schools
  9. Applications support
  10. School references prepared and sent with early applications to ensure success
  11. Alumni Speakers and Speakers for Schools
  12. University summer schools
  13. ‘Aftercare’ offered on Results day
  14. All destinations tracked and checked
  15. Higher Education/18+ destinations tracked, and continuing support offered
  16. University Fair
  17. Careers Fair


Please click on the links below to download information on Colleges and Sixth Forms 

Courses at Barnet College after year 11
Advice about applying to college/sixth forms
How to do your personal statement
Preparation tasks for Year 11
How To Prepare and Succeed at Interviews