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Year 10

The Careers Year

Students learn about:

  1. Use of Career resources to continue action-planning
  2. Careers activities in Tutor time
  3. Work Experience Programme
  4. Begin preparing Personal Statements for interviews
  5. Woodhouse Taster day
  6. Employability Programme and Apprenticeships
  7. University summer schools and visits
  8. University Fair
  9. College Research
  10. Alumni Speakers


Work Experience

Year 10 work experience will be from 16 - 20 March 2020.

Year 10 should now be writing their CV and letter, asking possible employers for work experience and getting the work experience form signed. Year 10 have until Friday 13 December to do this. 

Information about uploading the details on the work experience form will be out soon. 

Courses at Barnet College after year 11
How to find your work experience placement
Advice for making a telephone call
How to do your CV
Example of a CV
How to do your cover letter
School letter to employer
Own Find Form 2020