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Ethos and Values

In line with our school motto, ‘Enjoy and Excel’, we are hugely ambitious academically for all our students, ensuring that they secure the results to go on to excellent further and higher education institutions and then on to fulfilling careers. But we also want them to live lives which are personally and socially fulfilling, developing a love for art, music, dance, theatre and culture which will enrich the whole of their lives. Our desire is that students leave us as mature, independent learners who are also engaged and responsible citizens.

We are committed to an ethos of respect, responsibility and good relationships and so we will:

  • Facilitate high quality teaching and learning to maximize student achievement
  • Embed a learning culture so that students are effective, enthusiastic, independent learners committed to lifelong learning
  • Provide a rich and relevant curriculum to promote a love of learning and a thirst for knowledge
  • Regularly evaluate student performance and progress, giving constructive feedback and intervening to ensure all students achieve their potential
  • Provide innovative and high quality creative opportunities that enable students to thrive and succeed
  • Nurture constructive relationships and ensure students can make a positive contribution to the school and wider communities
  • Develop a sustainable community with physical and human resources that provide a safe and high quality learning environment for all


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