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Spring Term 2010

Year 7

Week 1 – Pupils should research Disney’s Fantasia and make a title page for the unit in their books.

Week 3 - Pupils create a good character and an evil character—thinking about gender and character, etc.—and begin to develop a story for these two characters to be involved in.  This will be used in the next lesson.   This does not have to be written down, only if pupils wish to do so.

Week 5 - Pupils complete their Pupil Assessment Sheet. 


Year 8

Week 1 – Pupils research their class song and write one page in their books about the song and their reaction when listening to it.  They may want to discuss the tempo, instrumentation, structure or mood of the piece.

Week 3 – Pupils begin to write lyrics for their own rock song.  They will need to complete a verse of four lines and a chorus, also four lines in length but may include repetition.  If possible students should try to use rhyme in an effective way.

Week 5 – Pupils complete their Pupil Assessment Sheet.


Year 9

Week 2 – Choose a POPULAR song to make a video tutorial of.  They should either learn it themselves at home or ask Miss Brown to get the sheet music for them ready for next lesson. A relatively unknown song will be difficult to find music for but please see Miss Brown for help finding the sheet music.

Week3 – Research some keywords that you could use in your script.  Finish your video tutorial script.

Week 4 – Research your chosen song. Composer, performer, release dates, genre, etc.  Are there any tutorials on the market already?

Week 6 – Write up the final plan and script for your video tutorial and submit it to Fronter. Please use the template provided in the Fronter ‘hand in’ folder.  (Pupils should know how to do this but please contact Miss Brown if there are any difficulties.)


Year 10

Year 10 have been given theory booklets, which are designed to refresh their knowledge of notation from our Waltz unit before Christmas.  Each week they are to complete 2 pages from this booklet.  At the end of the half term they will give this booklet in to Miss Brown for marking.

You can download these booklets here:


Year 11

Each week in our lessons we will be exploring a different area of study. The homework set every week will be for students to create a revision card or a brainstorm of that particular area of study using notes made in class but essentially using the OCR revision book—available to purchase from school (£4).

In addition, the coursework unit Ensemble Performance (Performing a Song with Others) is due to be submitted on the 8th of February.

Don’t forget that GCSE catch is a club run by Miss Brown on Thursday and Friday (lunch times and after school until 5.30pm.


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