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Home Learning

How You Can Support Your Child's Progress

Ensure homework tasks are completed on time - some of these are practical tasks, and will require pupils to work either at home, or in school with their group. For written homework tasks, check through your child's work to ensure it is up to school standards.

Be encouraging - pupils can often find performing in front of others very nerve wracking. Try to help them by encouraging pupils to rehearse at home, watch their work and give them positive feedback.

If your child learns a musical instrument, they are always encouraged to use it in lessons to support their learning. Help them by reminding them to bring their instrument to school so they can achieve the best possible outcome - we have a secure instrument cupboard in the music department to store it in!


Encourage pupils to complete homework and practical rehearsals between lessons - as the course is 60% practical, pupils must realise that by practising their performances between lessons, their assessments will improve at a greater rate. Encourage pupils to attend at least one extra-curricular club to help develop their technique. Helping pupils to learn the key vocabulary for music will also be vital within the written paper - revision material is provided. Encourage pupils to attend extra-curricular revision sessions, especially if they find the written paper challenging.