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Key Stage 4

Students can choose Computer Science as an option in Key Stage 4.


In Year 10 they will learn how to program using Python. They will learn how to write in pseudocode, write algorithms and develop their computational thinking skills. They will learn how to use binary code, hexadecimal code and denary code. They will learn about computer components, truth tables and logic statements. They will also learn how to read and interpret fragments of assembly code. They will develop their understanding of computer systems and the internet. They will develop their understanding of how CSS and HTML languages are used to construct webpages. They will learn how encryption works and why this is important in data security.


Students are studying Edexcel Computer Science GCSE

In Year 11 students will continue to develop their computing and programming skills. They will learn about SQL and databases. They will consider how emerging technology such as DNA computing. They will review how microcontrollers work and impacts of computers on society. They will complete their controlled assessment in January.


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